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YOUR Chaturbate Geo-block setting do work on GodsXGF.com too!!

It is our promise to you at GodsXGF.com we 'will not' EVER post any of your personal information from your bio and we only stream your LIVE chat room using the affiliate tools provided to us by Chaturbate.... Your geo-block settings do work on this website and we connect your customers right to their Chaturbate wallets so you can accept chaturbate tokens for customer payment processing....

Block or Broadcast on GodsXGF.com - you control your settings on this website!!

You do not need to contact us!! Simply login to your godsxgf chaturbating account, go to your profile, click the settings & privacy tab, and then right below your geoblock settings, you will see "do not appear on network sites".. Change the option between "yes & no" to broadcast or block your live shows on this site at ANY TIME. You will have less viewers if you choose yes and viewers will be redirected to the home page, when yes is selected.

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Release. Performer releases Site, its employees, agents, attorneys, assigns and licensees from any and all claims arising out of this Agreement and the Services (defined below) including, without limitation, right of publicity claims, invasion of privacy claims, defamation claims, sexual harassment claims, injuries (both physical and emotional), negligence, intellectual property, claims relating to disease or illness (including STD’s), pregnancy, and all other such claims whether or not listed above. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Site, its employees, affiliates and other related workers and entities from any liability arising out of this Agreement or my performance of the Services. I agree that in the event that I appear on camera with any third person, as permitted hereunder, I am doing so at my own discretion and risk and I acknowledge that the Site will not, and is under no obligation to, do any medical testing of such third party.

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